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Wednesday Night

September 10, 2015

Children running back and forth, smiles spreading across the room like wildfire that cannot be contained, as if anyone would want to contain it!

A brief moment of Thanksgiving for the return of a holy time. Then more running, and laughter and stories begun again and remembered.

Disconnected notes from an old piano, summoning the people from a rich history to the promise and commitment of a new season.

Plates loaded down with chicken and dumplings, and friendly offers to pile more on from faces filled with the unmistakable joy of serving.

Laughter rising from the Undercroft and from the Parlor, along with conversation and prayer as people gather with open hearts and open minds and open Bibles.

From above, the rumble of music and praise and celebration and thanksgiving. The Holy Spirit is rattling this old building. Life and Church. Sounds of worship, and sound teaching. Laughter, praise and love reunited in grateful symphony.

God is here.

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